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Modifying something with Explorer -> app JPQL with Enum doesn't work anymore

is that redeploying the application after that kind of usage of Explorer makes JPQL with Enum to don't ... the application after that kind of usage of Explorer makes JPQL with Enum to don't work properly ... . What happens when you run that JPQL query in the Explorer? In another Explorer? Try to bring the issue


Hello I get an error when executing the following JPQL query: select doi from Doi doi left join ... works on Hibernate with Oracle / MySQL / Postgres, so I'm assuming the JPQL is valid. Any ideas? Thanks John johnbrush John Brush The query is not a valid JPQL query since JOIN FETCH should be followed

ObjectDB Object Database Features

languages - JPQL and JDOQL. Query Languages JPQL - Java Persistence (JPA) Query Language - SQL like ... ). FROM (including INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN and JOIN FETCH). WHERE (with both JPQL and JDOQL ... , &&, ||). Arithmetic operators & functions (+, -, *, /, %, ABS, SQRT, MOD). JPQL string operators

JPA Queries

these interfaces to build and run JPQL queries. The TypedQuery interface (or alternatively the older Query interface) is the only neccessary interface for defining and running string based JPQL queries (e.g ... concatenating JPQL strings into a valid complete JPQL query. JPA 2 introduced the JPA Criteria Query API, as


, the same JPQL query which retrieves all the Country objects in the database is represented by both q1 ... because it introduces the Country class to ObjectDB. Dynamic JPQL, Criteria API and Named Queries Building queries by passing JPQL query strings directly to the createQuery method, as shown

Query Parameters in JPA

(:) followed by a valid JPQL identifier that serves as the parameter name. JPA does not provide an API ... is :name, JPQL also supports ordinal parameters, whose form is ?index. The following method ... queries is unsafe and can expose the application to JPQL injection attacks. Suppose that the name

CRUD Database Operations with JPA

persisting objects in the database in more detail. JPA Queries with JPQL We can get the number of Point ... . If you have used SQL you should find the syntax very familiar. JPQL, the JPA query language, supports a SQL like ... entity objects from the database using JPA. Running a JPQL query is one of them: TypedQuery<Point

Setting and Tuning of JPA Queries

. "objectdb.query-language" - sets the query language, as one of "JPQL" (JPA query language), "JDOQL ... of JPQL, JDOQL and ObjectDB extensions. Setting "JPQL" is useful to enforce portable JPA code by

BIRT/ODA ObjectDB Driver

Tools (BIRT) that adds support of ObjectDB as a data source and JPQL as a data set query language ... Sets and JPQL To create the data set: Open the [New Data Set] dialog box by right clicking the Data ... (e.g. ObjectDB Points). Enter a data set name (e.g. Points by X) and click Next. Entry a JPQL or

Database Explorer

to view data in ObjectDB databases, execute JPQL and JDOQL queries and edit the content of databases ... the database and their persistent fields and indexes. The [Query] window enables running JPQL ... execution of JPQL and JDOQL queries. To execute a query: Enter a query string. In the [Parameters

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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