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Possible issue for JPQL "LEFT [OUTER] JOIN"

Possible issue for JPQL "LEFT [OUTER] JOIN" is doing "[INNER] JOIN". LEFT OUTER JOIN a.listB b WHERE b IS NULL" where the output would be [A4, null] or even throw ... ;   - "SELECT a,b FROM A a LEFT OUTER JOIN a.listB b WHERE IS NULL"

LEFT (OUTER) JOIN problem when mappedBy is defined

are empty. So I've witten this query: "SELECT i FROM Invoice i LEFT OUTER JOIN i.itemList ... (); Query query = em.createQuery( "SELECT i FROM Invoice i LEFT OUTER JOIN i.itemList items ... > When I remove mappedBy from @OneToMany annotation, LEFT JOIN works correctly.

Query in JPA2 with LEFT JOIN on INNER JOIN

outer join ACTION_PROFILE actionprof1_ on action0_.ID=actionprof1_.ID_ACTION left outer join ACTION_PROFILE actionprof2_ on action0_.ID=actionprof2_.ID_ACTION left outer join ACTION_PROFILE actionprof3_ on action0_.ID=actionprof3_.ID_ACTION left outer join ACTION

FROM clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

JOIN variables. LEFT [OUTER] JOIN To understand the purpose of OUTER JOIN ... "> SELECT c, FROM Country c LEFT OUTER JOIN p The OUTER keyword is optional (LEFT OUTER JOIN is equivalent to LEFT JOIN). When using OUTER JOIN, if a specific outer

Left join fetch behaviour doesn't retrieve children?

Hello, I'm a little bit confused about a left join fetch behaviour. In this test case, i try to fetch my 3 children using a left join fetch.left join fetch         em = emf


.persistence.criteria">javax.persistence.criteria.JoinTypeLEFT Left outer join. Since: JPA 2.0

ObjectDB Object Database Features

query left_outer_inner_join_fetch">FETCH JOIN., left_outer_join">LEFT OUTER JOIN and left_outer_inner_join_fetch">JOIN FETCH).

Criteria Query From Elements

and examples. Join Fetch Elements left_outer ... _join">Join variables (bound by an attribute of a preceding variable in the FROM clause) are represented by the Join subinterface and its descendant interfaces:


javax.jdo.annotations">javax.jdo.annotations.JoinString outer Whether to use an outer join. Returns: whether to use an outer join


="name">Join/outer" title="Annotation Element of javax.jdo.annotations.Join">outer Whether to use an outer join ... an outer join. Returns