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WebService : Failed to get reference value of field using enhanced method

) eugen-f Eugen Please post the complete stack trace including nested exceptions (check the ObjectDB ... has also be loaded using another class loader. First of all please check if you have your classes in ... and deploy web service in order to get this error. >First of all please check if you have your classes in

Exception when dataset bigger than treshold

creating a temporary file at /tmp/ObjectDB/789641482/BatchQueryItr_0.fls. Please check permissions. In ... Could you please check build 2.2.7_04 that may fix the problem? support Support Sure, but I can't find this build in Download section. Last one is _03 lwalkowski Lukasz Walkowski Sorry. Please check it now

Unexpected exception during open the database

, which is a known issue with the index rebuild. Could you please check if you get the exception, if you open ... EmbeddedSystems Just checked, and indeed, the default is enabled. support Support Good Morning ... that an earlier build was probably used. Please check for old ObjectDB jar files in the classpath

Activation Issue

and the client refuses to continue because it didn't know about the activation but checks the trial ... file) is managed, which is usually only the server machine in client-server mode. Please check ... . It has not been checked with your test but with a simpler test case (since using a console test case


. If restarting the ObjectDB server doesn't help, try to use the ObjectDB Doctor, first to check the database ... using the DB and they are supposed to be all using the same classes. I'll double check. Thanks, Eitan ... . This requires rethinking. Maybe class file timestamps have to be checked and only newer schema be accepted

Enhanced classes problem

are the same, except the license check, which cannot cause this exception. support Support The stack trace ... CacheableJobAccountingInfo[]. No it has not been changed. Maruta M Sedlakova Could you please check your application ... of that exception. support Support We have checked our application with the ObjectDB (2.5.0_05

Server out of memory exceptions

the threads are not exiting and this is a problem with the test. I'll check this... Are there additional ... Sorry! - I've double checked the test and it is bad. I'm not clearing the thread list on each iteration ... might be larger than the size in the configuration in some cases. I will check the heap dump

References to objects of missing obsolete entity classes

on providing a database to you and also on checking the reflection bit. Might take a while, though. btc ... that when reflection is enabled everything works as expected (check also the Doctor ... (post #3). We cannot check whether it also solve the original exception (post #1). support Support

Page #9 entry 0 (key 'bjjl') has 75 extra bytes / Unexpected last index ID: -119 (expected -116)

Please check the attached database file. When running the Doctor, I get Global Value Errors ... the application once, and check /tmp/bug.odb. I get MacBook:tmp bjjl$ java -cp ~/Downloads/objectdb-2.4.0 ... and there was a false alarm of the Doctor in checking byte arrays. Build 2.4.1 fixes this problem. support Support

Table view freezes the program

. Please check and advise. support Support Build 2.8.3_05 introduces a new setting: "Use Queries ... , due to more round trips. support Support I tried unchecking and checking, they both perform fine now ... without switching to queries. support Support OK that makes sense. I checked again, non-query method on a big

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ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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