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Out of memory

- it should be much easier for you to check what you need :) But it will be about 1.5GB large. lwalkowski Lukasz Walkowski ... " sync="false" path="." mode="write" /> <locking version-check="true ... and works fine. When you want to unfold object and check all the data, there is an exception: Exception

ObjectDB is opening too many sockets

in a loop (the gap is to check for server stop commands, etc. between accept calls, but possibly ... accept with a timeout of 2 seconds, in a loop, in order to check for server stop requests. Looking ... closing the ServerSocket instance from another thread. Please check if this solves the issue. support

Request clarification of changes to accessor enhancement policy (non-getter prefix instead of getter suffix) AND annotations

, please advise). (One could argue that I am supposed to be checking every change announced in every version ... and should be avoided (or at least checked carefully when switching versions), as it is not part of the ObjectDB ... at least checked carefully when switching versions), as it is not part of the ObjectDB / JPA API and may change

Failure after ObjectDB 2.4.5_07 upgrade from 2.4.4_06

the problem. Please check the database with the ObjectDB Doctor. Check also if returning to 2.4.4_06 solves ... It seems that this problem was already reported by you in this forum thread. Please check if you can provide a test that demonstrates the problem. support Support

Class loading problem with private packages in OSGi environment

order to support persistent interfaces, a feature of JDO that is not supported by JPA. We can check ... ? Can you adapt or expand ObjectDB so that we do not need to make changes. We will check the option to disable ... types (such as super classes and persistent field types)? support Support > We will check

client server mod of communication

server mode and also to check my database using server mode, and its extension must be (.mem) like ... is only supported in embedded mode. But we will check if support could be added. support Support Hi, please check following codes and also Exception of full stack trace. Using Embedded Mode public class

mapping file is not being loaded

with no changes. clifford.harms Clifford Harms Please check if listing the entity classes in the persistence.xml file makes any difference. Another thing to check - setting exclude-unlisted-classes to false

Pessimistic Lock Timeouts setting

. Willks William This should be a useful feature. I will check if it could be added in ... build 2.2.3_02. Please check the documentation and try it. support Support Thanks for the prompt

Error during closing an entity manager

: Please check the log file for a longer stack trace (as this looks as a partial stack trace). Can you reproduce ... .e. if we release a build with an attempt to fix it would you be able to check it? support Support ... EmbeddedSystems Could you please check build 2.7.1_03? support Support I have a further hint

Enhancement does not show an error message when an outdated license is used

or not (check the word OEM in the output). Following your report we will consider adding a new warning if an expired OEM licence is found. In addition you can also check the classes (e.g. in your build ... marker interface, so you should be able to check that your entity classes are instances of SignedType

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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