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DB reading fails in debug mode in Eclipse

and IDs in the DB. My application works fine with them up to I try to launch it in debug mode in eclipse. Upon reading it in debug mode I got this exception: com.objectdb.o.UserException: Failed

Fetch Set from DB only works on debug mode

I have a class A, that contains a LinkedHashSet of another class named B. When I try to fetch that hash set, it returns a null pointer. BUT, when I run the program in debug mode, it works fine ... . In debug mode, by examining the set you load the data before closing the EntityManager. Read

Debuging query before execution

about this functionality in context of debugging and logging. Because of that, I'm for single line query with embedded values. lwalkowski Lukasz Walkowski

Query debugging configuration from class

Is there a way to show what queries are actually being executed from within a Java class? I'm getting the exception: Exception in thread "main" [ObjectDB 2.5.4_05] javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException However, I'm unable to debug it because I don't know what the query's actually searching

General Settings and Logging

logging levels are: "fatal" "error" "warning" "info" "trace" "debug"

stackoverflow big sur eclipse debug

stackoverflow big sur eclipse debug

Database Management Settings

for backup purposes and for debugging (by providing the ability to reproduce problems by replay ... " operations (which modify the database) have to be recorded. For debugging of query failure

What are the main benefits of using ObjectDB?

. Less (and more simple) code to write, debug and test, as well as a much easier learning curve leads

Database Transaction Replayer

the recorded operations. It enables reproducing problems during debugging by repeating a failure. Backup

[ODB1] Chapter 9 - ObjectDB Explorer

and debugging. Therefore, these are the most commonly used features of the Explorer. Opening a Local

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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