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Strings in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Matching with Wildcards The [NOT] LIKE operator checks if a specified string matches ... > (for any value). NOT LIKE '%') is returned if the substring is not found. The third argument (when present) specifies from

Schema Update

;schema> element is not empty ObjectDB tries to apply the specified schema updates ... > In addition, whether or not a new-name attribute is specified, a packages. The com.example.old3 package is not renamed, but rename operations

Deleting JPA Entity Objects

that are contained in the entity object are also deleted. If the transaction is rolled back and not committed the object is not deleted. An IllegalArgumentException is thrown by remove if the argument is not an instance


the query object was set to retrieve. Returns 0 if setFirstResult was not ... . If a flush mode has not been set for the query object, returns the flush mode in effect for the entity ... is found not to be a Java Persistence query language SELECT query or a Criteria API query

Database Doctor

file, verifies that it is healthy and valid, and if the file is not valid (it is corrupted), produces ... engine (not using one server process), thus bypassing ObjectDB internal file lock protection. Modifying the database file externally not through ObjectDB (e.g. by malicious software

Query Parameters in JPA

, which is a colon (:) followed by a valid JPQL identifier that serves as the parameter name. JPA does not ... to using literals rather than parameters in queries. First of all, the query is not reusable ... of which are overridden in TypedQuery. That large number of methods is not typical to JPA, which generally

Database Schema Evolution

Modifications to entity classes that do not change their persistent field definitions ... of the matching old field in the original entity object. Fields in the new schema that do not ... >false or null). Fields in the old schema that do not have matching

Database Connection using JPA

the database. If the database does not yet exist a new database file is created. (the default is 6136 when not specified). The path indicates the location ... of the managed entity is not affected by the rollback and is not returned to its pre-modified state

Updating JPA Entity Objects

is rolled back and not committed the update is discarded. On commit the persist operation ... all the reachable entity objects that are not managed yet are also persisted. Automatic ... /EntityTransaction/begin">begin(); employee.projects[0] = new Project(); // not detected automatically

GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

anywhere in the query. Note that the query above might not be supported by some JPA implementations ... . For example, the above query (which does not use aggregates) is equivalent to the following query: Global Aggregates (no GROUP BY) JPQL supports a special form of aggregate queries that do not