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Attempt to refresh a non managed entity object (error 635)

.IllegalArgumentException Attempt to refresh a non managed entity object (error 635) Nothing changed in my code ... ) on a non managed entity object, i.e. a new entity object that has not been persisted yet, or a detached entity object (e.g. after clear). It doesn't seem to be related to the IDE that you use. support

how to persist an object twice into two diff. collections of two diff. classes

ok my problem, i persist a Squad Object into a Cup Object at the beginning, after i have to create and persist a competition object in which i have to put some of the already created/persisted squads ... object. See the Updating Entity Objects page in the manual and this forum thread. support Support

Object as parameter results in exception

Hi, I've got a simple JPA2 Criteria query which fails when doing an object equality. I verified ... .info("Fetching type: {} with id {} with company: {}", new Object[]{managedClass, primaryKey, company ... : {}", new Object[]{managedClass, primaryKey, company});   CriteriaBuilder qb = getEntityManager

Is it ok to put list or map of embeddable objects in entity ?

Hi, Is it ok to put list or map of embeddable objects in entity? I mean, for example : @Entity ... not found". I found an option to put a classpath for persistence objects and metadata, where I ... ). A collection of embedded objects is always stored as part of the containing entity

EntityManagerFactory objects being locked during EntityManager creation

Issue Details : We've been observing lately an issue with ObjectDB wherein the EntityManagerFactory objects are being locked during EntityManager object creation. Please refer the below stacktrace ... wherein the EntityManagerFactory objects are being locked during EntityManager object creation. This is the normal behavior

Query can't see recently persisted object

does not appear to present a read consistent view of persisted objects within the same transaction. e ... . However if I call flush() on the EntityManager after the persist() the object will be found. Clearly ... the transaction. Is there a way of using or configuring ObjectDB to ensure read consistency of objects persisted

First query before any of the object has been stored

I have some code that, before writing an object via ObjectDB makes a query to ensure the new object is different from what's already stored. The problem is that, before any instances of that object ... other persistence related exception. How can I know if any of an object has been stored

Error 613 - i cant put a list<Athlete> into a Squad object

which stores Athlete Objects, the Athlet has another embeddedCollection of Marks ... that on commit all the objects that are reachable from objects that you persist are also persistent ... cascading persist. See the Storing JPA Entity Objects page in the ObjectDB manual for more details. support Support

Activation & Object Model Enhancement

We'd like to buy and use OEM Licenses. However, our object model gets enhanced at runtime (using JEnhancer directly) and not at compile time so we can not "sign" our object model at compile time ... licenses are bound to machines. OEM licenses are bound to the object model. Please suggest alternative

Object DB Explorer fails to open database

Hello, I am trying to integrate Object DB into my tapestry project which will use spring-security ... . The code runs fine. i.e. Role objects are getting persisted in the database. But when I try to open the database using Object DB Explorer, it fails. I have attached all the related files. Regards, Md

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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