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Removing objects where ManyToMany relationships exist

to prevent broken references. When an OtherEntity object is deleted ... -up questions: You write that trying to access a removed object via a broken ... well enough, even if there's millions of Entity and OtherEntity objects in the database, and ten-thousands

Embedding Managed Entities in Embedded Objects = bad idea

Discovered that you can't embed entities in embeddable objects if the entity is managed. Haven't tried embedding un-managed entities in embeddable objects, though I imagine ... to persist object which already has an id).     dmoshal David

selecting objects that have a particular key/value in persistant HashMap

to create Person objects and persist them as expected. However, am I able to search the HashMap field using JPA?  For example, lets assume that the pMap field of some Person objects has the key/value pair "location'/'California'.  Can I create a JPA query that selects such objects

Does aggregate function "greatest" work on entity objects?

Does aggregate function "greatest" work on entity objects? do not come ... ; @Override public int compareTo(Object t) { //Logger.getLogger("------------").log ... objects are not comparable in queries. See the list of

How to define database structure and insert some initial objects from scratch

is all about objects and probably doesn't need initial structure like tables, but how can we populate ... , however, could be simple. Just build your entity objects and persist them. e.g. objects in the database:         em

Changing existing objects from Entity to Embedded

-only, made a migration utility which read the original objects, converted them to the new classes ... ObjectDB for existing objects? If it is, do I have to write the "embedded-only" clausule ... can be either persistence capable (entity classes) or embeddable. To use embedded objects

ObjectDB 2.6.9_06 (embedded): Cascading merge resulting in duplicate objects

> If I load a NaturalPerson entity from the database, then add a new address to the object's "addresses" list and use EntityManager.merge(object) to persist it along with the new address ... > If I use "EntityManager.persist(object)" instead, only one Address entity is created (as

References to objects of missing obsolete entity classes

itself, is it correct that the objects are in the database but their classes have been deleted or ... >  >> Regarding the issue itself, is it correct that the objects are in ... show any objects of the given class in the database. The class was indeed removed.  

New entity objects are duplicated on merge cascading

When merge is cascaded to a new entity object that has not been persisted yet - it becomes persisted twice rather than once. This was demonstrated by a Java EE application ... , when the duplicated object is referenced from another new / dirty entity object by a reference with cascading

Error reading UTF string (Serialized Objects in Explorer)

objects in the Explorer but no exception is thrown - only the serialized fields display an error ... > If you have a problem in retrieval of this entity object also in your application - please provide the exception