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Schema or odb file compare

Dear Support, is there a way to compare two schemas or odb files? I try to compare two object graphs Thx wua Andreas Wurm This is currently not supported, but you may file a feature request if you need this ability

Internal objectdb error when open a database or open an entity manager

we get following exception when we open a database or open an entity manager   Exception in thread "ODB IndexActivation" [ObjectDB 2.6.6_06] Unexpected exception (Error 990) Generated by Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.8.0_51

JPA Query language support in OBjectDB / Sub query or nested Query

>It looks like a problem with Sub query or nested queries where I am using IN clause like below.

Field or Table Encryption

Is there a build-in way to encrypt object fields or entire "tables" with annotations?  If not, are there any recommended design patterns? Thanks mrbahr2003 Thomas Gregory Please see this feature request in the issue tracking.

LIMIT or TOP functions

Is there LIMIT or TOP functions in object db? If so can you provide some examples? vinodh vinodhkumar You can set query result range by using the

One transaction or two?

If I have a large number of objects to delete and then add to a PersistenceManager is it more efficient to do everything in one transaction or two? Currently my code looks like this: PersistenceManager pm = m_pmFactory.getPersistenceManager(); try

Feature request: helpdesk user can change issue or support ticket page title/name

I would like the capability to change helpdesk support ticket page titles. Or if there is a way to already do this please describe. [EDIT: sorry I don't know how to key this to your online helpdesk system as opposed to the objectdb software version]

version 2.4.5+ with GlassFish 3.1.2, errors when runs application. Version 2.4.4 worked but not 2.4.5 or later

Have you tried 2.4.5 or 2.4.5_03? Because 2.4.5_03 fixes

Running the Activator requires Java 6 or above.

the Activator requires Java 6 or above.        

Compare two schemas or odb files

Compare two schemas or odb files