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Create simple index for a Id field

the performance falls. I can understand that reading is a complex task, because you first have to lookup ... if I want to perform massive reads? ksii13 E ObjectDB is faster than other DBMS, not just in ... performance. But note that your post provides very few details. It is unclear what you are really doing

In memory processing for ObjectDB

speeds very high. We like ObjectDb because its simplicity and the performance benchmarks ... You can use ObjectDB in a pure in memory mode by using a RAM drive. However, high performance ... so the performance is highest avoiding file I/O etc. and even my query performance is greatest. Thanks. Update

Index causes increased memory usage

. While this improved query performance considerably, we have noted that our database application is consuming ... , but that may slow performance. To understand the problem better you will have to provide information ... thread pool in order to get good performance for our 8-core server? cvtsc Dev Team If you have 30

Objectdb recovery

, how will be the performance affected? Thanks Marta Maruta M Sedlakova The main purpose of the recovery ... to the most recent stable state, but you may lose some operations that have been performed after that point. Enabling sync reduces the risk of data loss significantly at the possible cost of performance

A few questions on object database design

are easier to perform. Intuitively, I created an entity class called player and stored ... objects improves performance by eliminating the need to persist and retrieve small pieces of data ... , so if you already have tests that check the performance of your application, you should use them to check what is better. support Support

in-memory and on-disk support?

memory as cache, so you may find that you get the performance that you need also with one database ... performance and because ObjectDB uses a single file (you can disable logging, recovery ... for space allocation later is a small additional advantage. It will only help query performance

Should I use ObjectDB and JDO?

My application is not meeting required performance because JavaDB appears to be my bottleneck. I ... /ObjectDB are no longer keeping current? If they can meet my current needs (EXTREME performance ... are less commonly used than RDBMS, but they have their market, especially when performance is essential

Level 2 cache not hit in @ManyToOne

my app). "user" should also be taken from L2 cache, shouldn't it? Otherwise...it's a huge performance ... The purpose of the L2 cache is to improve performance mainly by minimizing client server round trips ... all the results in that round trip, bypassing the L2 cache, usually without performance penalty

queries under 2.7.6_4 significantly slower than under 2.7.6

indicating deep query plan checks and an overall significant performance loss in all queries ... the performance issue in this specific case (and we can produce a new build that does exactly ... improves performance in other cases). What is the purpose of updating from 2.7.6? Is there any

Database File Encryption

such as using an encrypted file system, but you will pay a performance penalty. This also means that the entire DB is encrypted which is okay, but if performance is an issue and only a small percent ... (see Oracle). In our world, not a lot of data needs to be encrypted, so performance for the majority

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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