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Eclipse/JPA database tutorial

is not expected to be valid. Could you please upload the project? What version of Eclipse are you using? support Support Is it a problem with Tomcat by any chance? I have uploaded the project ... . Then the application should work on url: http://localhost:8080/Guestbook/GuestServlet A fixed project

Compile time enhancement using build.xml of a Netbeans web application

of a Netbeans web application project to specify ObjectDB compile time enhancement, for both single file and whole project compilation ? The ObjectDB 2.3 manual gives the following tip: <java classname="com ... :\my-project\classes\*.class"/> </java> The (rather overwhelming) nbproject/build-impl.xml of Netbeans

Glassfish and ObjectDB 2.4.3

2.4.3. In NetBeans open the project objectdb-2.4.3\tutorials\guestbook-jee6 In the pom.xml file change 2.4.0 to 2.4.3 (but 2.4.0 should also work). Run the project (F6). support Support Yes it works fine! Now I've to figure out why my netbeans project doesn't work properly. Thank u very much for the fast support. banifou Fou Banit


is production ready but are there any testimonials or project references? Thanks a lot roman.toengi Roman ... in your project you should probably take it for a drive test, to verify that it matches your specific project needs. support Support

Annotations not supported in -source1.3 (use -source 5 or higher ..)

is different from that I ran Netbeans to load the built points project, but I can't see that this could explain the error) I could not figure out how to fix this in the points project in Netbeans, I did ... and ran. The matter is a bit academic now, and I have not solved it in the points project as built

@ElementCollection Set<Integer> is emptied sometimes

it. There is only one place where those fields are manipulated in this project. Just as an idea, I have attached ... about this, but the schema of the project I currently work on got into a stable state. I will try to come

Evaluation License

Hi, I'm an individual developer and my project has more then 10 persistable types. How can I get a free commercial license? (According to the post below, this might be possible). Hi, This exception ... . This is mainly useful for small projects, academic assignments, evaluation and learning. Students, individual

Extended mapping-definitions

' and so on. In the project for which I'm evaluating objectDB, there 1.) will be hundreds of classes and 2.) not all classes are known at project start (an editor). To deal with especially the 2. limitation

Missing Data on Retrieval (0, null values)

of using ObjectDB (and JPA) is to define entity classes as ordinary classes. Large projects may need ... your specific project (if it is not very large) by changing your design. For example, using one entity class

stress test -> com.objectdb.o.InternalException: null

? A sample project is very hard, if not impossible, to create, because it uses all the system. May 20 ... , we will need a sample project (even large and with no source code) in order to reproduce and fix ... . Thanks. support Support I attached 3 new errors found during load testing of the same project

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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