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Persist not working when ObjectDB and another db is used in the same application (through spring) with different tx managers"    xmlns:p="" xmlns:context="" xmlns:tx="" xmlns:mvc="" xmlns:xsi="

PersistenceException: Failed to locate field

Hi, have recently been running into this issue when changing the schema: pretty sure that in the past schema evolution would not ... :// "Fields in the new schema that do not


="name">schema" title="Annotation Element of javax.persistence.CollectionTable">schema (Optional) The schema of the table.


/jpa/SequenceGenerator/schema" title="Annotation Element of javax.persistence.SequenceGenerator">schema (Optional) The schema of the sequence ... ) The schema of the sequence generator.


() Returns the schema ... "> Returns the schema version of the schema version


that it does not support schema generation or cannot create the schema resource at runtime.


support schema generation or cannot create the schema resource at runtime.


getPersistenceXMLSchemaVersion() Returns the schema version ... : persistence.xml schema version

Internal Exception and Index Problems

this issue by restarting the ObjectDB server after every such schema change. Future versions of ObjectDB may support schema changes without restarting the server, or at least should produce better error messages in these cases. Currently the schema">direction


/PersistenceCapable/schema" title="Annotation Element of javax.jdo.annotations.PersistenceCapable">schema Schema to use for persisting this class or interface. Schema to use