ObjectDB ObjectDB

Step 4: Create an ObjectDB Data Set

Queries against the database are represented in BIRT as data sets.

To create the data set:

  • Open the [New Data Set] dialog box by right clicking the Data Sets node in the [Data Explorer] window and selecting New Data Set.
  • Select the data source that was created in the previous step (e.g. ObjectDB Points). 
  • Enter a data set name (e.g. Points by X) and click Next.

The database in this tutorial contains Point entity objects. We will use a simple JPQL query that retrieves points with x value in a specified range:

SELECT p.x as x, p.y as y FROM Point p WHERE p.x BETWEEN :low AND :high

Use copy and paste to enter the above query and click Finish.

When the data set is created successfully - a new window appears.

  • In the Parameters list specify default values for low  (11) and high (20):

  • You may click Preview Results to see the query results:

  • Close the dialog box by clicking the OK button.

In the next steps we will use this data set to build a chart and a table.