ObjectDB ObjectDB

Step 3: Create an ObjectDB Data Source

Connections to the database are represented in BIRT as data sources.

To create an ObjectDB data source:

  • Open the [New Data Source] dialog box by right clicking the Data Sources node in the [Data Explorer] window and selecting New Data Source.
  • Select ObjectDB Data Source from the list of available data source types.
  • Enter data source name (e.g. ObjectDB Points) and click Next.

Specify the database connection url:

  • Download and save the points.odb database file (from the Quick Start tutorial).
  • Specify an ObjectDB connection url - either embedded (e.g. c:\points.odb) or client-server (e.g. objectdb://localhost/points.odb;user=admin;password=admin).

  • You may click the Test Connection button to check the connection url:

  • Click the Finish button to complete the creation of the ObjectDB data source.

The next step is using this data source to create a data set for the BIRT report.