Consulting and Training

Our consulting and training team will be happy to assist you with on-site or remote consulting and training services.


Facing a migration project? Performance issues with your current persistence architecture / framework?
Our consultants are expert professionals in most JPA alternatives and will lead you to the best solution from design to implementation.

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Let the experts of JPA train your staff! We currently offer two structured training courses:

Master the Java Persistence API

This course covers the JPA specification in depth from the very basics up to advanced topics, performance tuning and production tools. This course does not focus on a specific JPA provider and walks through both RDBMS middleware such as Hibernate and EclipseLink and pure Object Oriented DBMS such as ObjectDB.

ObjectDB for Professionals

This course is aimed for companies working, or about to work, with ObjectDB, who wish to enhance and broaden their knowledge. The course starts very quickly with the basics of JPA and creating a project with ObjectDB and goes to exploring design alternatives, advanced JPQL, using ObjectDB with JEE (EJB) and with Spring, and ObjectDB production tools.

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