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Problem of query With an aggregate function

; }   When i debug i have a sever error that Object can't cast to Big

Deadlock in objectdb code

the "debug" level to get more information on the registered type. support Support

OEM: Too many persistable types (>10) - exceeds evaluation limit (error 1011)

versions now? support Support I have attached two ObjectDB logfiles ("debug" level

Unexpected output "*** PatternParameterImpl" in the java console

you for this report. It was a debugging message in build 2.8.7_03 that was later removed in

Query can't see recently persisted object

", oid); if ("-62e6083d:1612795a01c:-6e65".equals(oid)) { logger.debug

How to resolve 404 errors with Eclipse/Maven Spring MVC

and single step debug thru the controller class.   Thanks siegfried

Catching exceptions from online backup

();     }     }  I was debugging the process

ObjectDB 2.8.6_05

Added an option to view old type versions in the Explorer (-Dobjectdb.ui.debug=true)

ClassCastException thrown when running count query

for the fields in the query. Log of the query execution using DEBUG logging level.

Lazy retrieval by access not working correctly

I have a problem loading lazy associations by access/navigation with an @Embedded attribute containing an @ElementCollection which is lazy loaded.  I'm not sure if the same problem exists elsewhere.  Furthermore, if I set a breakpoint in the right spot in debug mode