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Exception when dataset bigger than treshold

) ~[objectdb.jar:na] ... 42 common frames omitted Changing treshold to 96M "fixes" the problem - with 96MB ... Could you please check build 2.2.7_04 that may fix the problem? support Support Sure, but I can't find this build ... . support Support Yes, this build fixes problem. Even with very small treshold sizes everything works find

Wrong @Id type

Novaković There was a bug in UPDATE queries that was fixed. Please see this forum thread. Which ObjectDB version are you using? Try the last ObjectDB version, which should fix this issue/ To repair IDs ... an ObjectDB version before the fix, with an UPDATE queries that change the IDs to the correct type

Failing to read entities under load in multithreaded tests

and for the useful test case. Please try build 2.3.7_06 that should fix this issue. support Support Hi, Thanks for the fix. It is working much better now, but unfortunately it is still not 100% - if I run ... .run(Unknown Source) Regards, Natalia. natmaclin Natalia Levine It indicates that the fix

ObjectDB's Database Doctor Incorrect Error Report

, but unfortunately somehow this was not enforced by ObjectDB. This was fixed now so starting the next build ... using 64KB if a larger page size is specified. We preferred a soft fix rather than an exception in this immediate fix, and we will consider adding an exception in future versions. support Support I ask

c.o.jpa.type.EntityTypeImpl.getIdType() returns null

should fix this. Thank you for your report. support Support thanks for you investigation, i'm currently using ... You should use 2.2.3_01 (the fix was applied after the release of 2.2.3). I just added it to the Maven ... to my mvn repo and this fixed the problem. thank you very much for this very quick fix! btw: would be nice

Class loading problem with private packages in OSGi environment

The stack trace indicates using of ObjectDB 2.6.0. The fix was added at 2.6.0_03 (see #4 above). Although the Explorer can handle missing types also before this fix, these missing types are limited ... interface CodeArchitectureExt. You have provided a fix in ObjectDB 2.6.0_03. Why can't you fix the same

Internal error

that only one version - 2.7.2_07 - is used seems to have fixed the problem. sjzlondon Steve Zara Thank ... . However, as I have not had the exception since fixing the objectdb dependencies I am happy if this bug ... this was a regression caused by fixing issue #2027. Build 2.7.6_08 should fix it. support Support

ObjectDB 2.1.0

enabled (issue #142). Fixed a bug in distinct queries (duplicates due to bad optimization). Fixed a bug in viewing TreeSet and TreeMap in the Explorer. Fixed detachment of entities by replacing proxy objects with ordinary objects. Fixed a schema evolution bug when adding a new super entity class.

Once served to JSF page via @EJB query bean, many list fields are null (but same query ok after fresh persist in @PostConstruct)

of my time. Please attend to this as soon as possible and fix this carefully. I look forward to having this fixed and to having a robust ObjectDB working on my problem, as I am greatly encouraged by ... ;     } } support Support Setting fetch=FetchType.EAGER on 'ownedElements' does seem to fix it (the lists load

ObjectDB-2.6.9: Failed to commit transaction: Failed to set numeric value of field property Element.id using reflection

other errors (and to benefit from other fixes you have performed). webel Dr Darren Kelly I appreciate ... so are not affected. Build 2.6.9_01 should fix these issues. Thank you for this report. This work is based ... us know. support Support Thanks for the Build 2.6.9_01 fix attempt. I have tested it exhaustively

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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