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New to Product & Having An Issue

haven't used JUnit in quite a while and forgot how those worked. I fixed the test case to use ... _anderson_ii John Anderson I think I found and fixed the bug. Thank you for your bug report. Please try ... ) - I just fixed it. By the way, equals should also work - at least in embedded mode. I guess

Database size is much larger than expected (x2)

? If you have time to follow my codes, then please see through the attachment. For the structure is fixed, I ... this problem. Hopefully a fix will be released soon. support Support To the methodenstreit, I do insist ... - but don't expect a quick fix in this case. Please try build 2.2.9_04 that should improve byte[] persisting

Broken @ManyToOne reference

.CHILD_ID is only part of the primary key now. support Support Hi support, just tried the fixed ... Vladimir Tsichevski Point 2 is indeed a bug. Build 2.4.7_09 fixes it. Regarding point 1, this is not ... . Please try build 2.4.7_10. support Support Hi support, thank you for fixing previous problems

Verify Error with Java 1.7

.BaseFacadeTest.setUpClass(BaseFacadeTest.java:176) changing binary format to java 1.6 fixes the problem - unit ... .createEntityManager(EMF.java:160) FastModel Ben Schreiber Unfortunately the Enhancer fix was broken. Build 2.2.9_12 fixes it and in addition also applies the new addition only to class files

Query on Embedded Primary Key?

get when is below - it complains about a casting issue. Let me know how to fix it - (full reproducible ... that demonstrates the issue. Please try version 2.5.6 that should fix it. support Support Perfect - it is fixed - Thanks a lot - was very quick - I am impressed. EKK Emmanuel Keskes

IN expression in a Criteria Query

_02 that should fix it, and check whether or not the criteria query problem is solved. support Support ... Milan Fabian OK. Apparently the problem is clear now, and we are working on a quick fix. support Support Please try build 2.5.0_04, which seems to fix the criteria query issue. support Support Hi, I


to deleted CacheableJobLog instances. This requires fixing the application (making sure ... without the ability to see the problem in action, it wouldn't be easy to find and fix it. If you can share your test ... them? If we can see the exception in our debugging environment, we may be able to understand and fix

ObjectDB 2.6.1

with missing dependent types. Added support of composite indexes with components of different lengths. Fixed a bug in reflection mode in detecting changes after flush (issue #1602). Fixed a NullPointerException is merging objects of new types. Fixed a bug in managing inverse (mapped by) collections and maps in reflection mode.

Error reading UTF string (Serialized Objects in Explorer)

solution (assuming this is indeed the problem). support Support Build 2.3.6_14 fixes the problem by ... after retrieving the BeitragVertragArt class, changing some fields and writing it back? The fix in _14 fixes

NullPointerException using with "refresh" method

, if it is already corrupted then first fix it using the Doctor. support Support Can data in ObjectDB be lost in case ... to sync, and we have to look for something else. The ultimate way to find and fix issues is to provide ... , changing the setting without fixing the database with the Doctor cannot help, as explained in #3

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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