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like operator (String)

> Build 2.4.7_17 fixes this behavior. support Support Thanks for the quick fix. This new version 2.4.7_17 fixes this issue. pezifromvienna Peter Sauer

Optimistic locking: prevent version increment on entity collection attribute

, Farid oudjanef Farid Oudjane Your test passes after fixing the relationship ... the declaration of the collection fixed the issue! thank you very much for your great help ... > Please try build 2.5.0_05 that should fix it. support Support I will try

Objectdb Doctor

identifying failures. If the Doctor reports broken references - the information should be used to fix the application. To fix broken references (i.e. to replace broken references with fixing the application but it is an easy way to repair a specific database.

version 2.8.9_06 significantly slower for queries compared to 2.8.9

>Version 2.8.9_01 fixed an issue with queries (issue #2858) but had a known query performance regression. It was fixed in version 2.8.9_02 but maybe there is another relevant query performance regression that has not been fixed. Changes in versions 2.8.9_03 - 2.8.9_06 are not

Soft Reference Object Cache Recommendation

cache is fixed and not released by ObjectDB. You can try reducing its size. >  ... to check possible faults and fix them, but the soft references to entity objects behaviour ... that may be created.  I also understand that those PAGs are fixed and ObjectDB will not free

[ObjectDB 2.6.7_04] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

other recent builds, but to issue #1818, that was already fixed. It is unclear why the previous fix is not working, but build 2.6.7_05 includes some addition that maybe can help. support Support 2.6.7_05 works correct. Thank you for the fix. btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems

Unexpected exception (Error 990) com.objectdb.o.InternalException

this exception. Is it possible that your application has a similar condition? Build 2.6.1_01 should fix ... of a modified embedded object we have an embedded collection. Build 2.6.1_02 should fix this issue ... Support Thank You. 2.6.1_02 fix our problem. Now come no more errors. btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems

Can't open replicated database

, this should be fixed in one of the next builds. support Support Any idea when this will be fixed? bensteele Ben Steele No immediate fix is currently planned.

Remove of an entry from a @OneToMany collection is not possible if the enhancer is disabled

; } } Build 2.6.0_04 includes a fix of this issue. support Support Hello, I have tried version 2.6.0_04. The problem with the @OneToMany collection is still not fixed. wua Andreas Wurm You are right, sorry. Somehow the fix has not been integrated into

ObjectDB 2.8.9_07

> Fixed A NullPointException when using EntityManagerFactory with different class loaders. Fixed a missing call to @PostUpdate when object change is detached by  JDOHelper.makeDirty. Fixed opening context menu in the Explorer.