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Merge of entity classes with "mapped by" very slow

_02 fixes it. If the problem still exists, please post a modified test case that demonstrates it with the new build. support Support Thanks for new build. Fix is working correctly. The speed boost ... bug, so it had to be changed in build 2.4.3_01. Hopefully most of the performance gain will remain also with the new fix. support Support

Objectdb Doctor

should be used to fix the application. To fix broken references (i.e. to replace broken references ... fixing the application but it is an easy way to repair a specific database. support Support great

Replication issue, Replayer failing due to NullPointerException.

the start. bensteele Ben Steele I managed to fix this by copying the contents of $replication into ... as root, I just had this suspicious feeling that copying the db contents into the data path would fix it as it did the same thing a while ago and that fixed it. I am also finding the recording

OneToMany and cascade delete problem

are removed from the cache and then retrieved again, fixing the broken relationship). When using a short ... side can cause this strange behavior. Notice that this can be fixed by forcing retrieval of the mapped by ... );     em.refresh(p); // <= fixes incomplete bidirectional relationships     em.remove(p);     em.getTransaction().commit(); support Support

Error reading UTF string (Serialized Objects in Explorer)

solution (assuming this is indeed the problem). support Support Build 2.3.6_14 fixes the problem by ... after retrieving the BeitragVertragArt class, changing some fields and writing it back? The fix in _14 fixes

version 2.4.5+ with GlassFish 3.1.2, errors when runs application. Version 2.4.4 worked but not 2.4.5 or later

.getResultList(JpaQuery.java:686) lucobjdb Luc Have you tried 2.4.5 or 2.4.5_03? Because 2.4.5_03 fixes ... that the problem was fixed in 2.4.5_03. If you see this error when using a newer ObjectDB build - please reopen it. support Support Build 2.4.6 fixes another regression issue with GlassFish, which may be related to this report. support Support

[ObjectDB 2.6.7_04] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

_04 or other recent builds, but to issue #1818, that was already fixed. It is unclear why the previous fix is not working, but build 2.6.7_05 includes some addition that maybe can help. support Support 2.6.7_05 works correct. Thank you for the fix. btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems

ObjectDB 2.8.7

on a server to 2 seconds(see issue #2686). Fixed a bug in the new option to slow backup in client-server mode (see feature request #2681). Fixed Explorer issue after schema evolution (issue #2726). Fixed

Internal exception when quering

2.5.1. Could you provide us fix or some advice? If more info is needed, we can provide it. Thank ... ? support Support Yes, you are right. When do you plan to fix this issue? We would like to avoid checking ... _01 should fix this bug (which is a duplicate of issue #1107) support Support Build 2.7.2_01

Page cache File handling produced an java.io.IOException: Negative seek offset

transactions. Version 2.6.7 should fix this bug. support Support Version 2.6.7 don't fix the bug ... Also Version 2.6.7_1 don't fix the bug: Exception in thread "Thread-174" [ObjectDB 2.6.7_01] Unexpected

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ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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