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Query on Embedded Primary Key?

get when is below - it complains about a casting issue. Let me know how to fix it - (full reproducible ... that demonstrates the issue. Please try version 2.5.6 that should fix it. support Support Perfect - it is fixed - Thanks a lot - was very quick - I am impressed. EKK Emmanuel Keskes

ClassCastException on closing PersistenceManager

explicitly you may be the only user affected. Build 2.6.4_01 includes an attempt to fix this exception ... now the new build of objectDB with the fix. jakab Gergely Jakab #3 stack is the same issue. Unfortunately this is the risk of being the first to use a new feature. support Support With the fixed

Roadmap - no progress - any plans - transparency?

so satisfied is that there is no roadmap for ObjectDB. We see bug fixes and minor adjustments ... the first years after the release of version 2.0, many critical bugs have been fixed. We are working on new ... . ObjectDB is an active project, with active support and frequent updates and fixes, certainly comparing

Query perfromance problem

report and for the test program. Version 2.1.1_01 should fix this issue. support Support Fix works perfectly well. The difference in speed is really huge. Thanks for the fix. lwalkowski Lukasz Walkowski

Inefficient memory usage with very large transactions

this forum thread), and was fixed in build 2.4.3_02, but the fix was removed later in build 2.4.3_03 because it caused other problems (#10, #11 in that forum thread). support Support Version 2.4.4 fixes


to deleted CacheableJobLog instances. This requires fixing the application (making sure ... without the ability to see the problem in action, it wouldn't be easy to find and fix it. If you can share your test ... them? If we can see the exception in our debugging environment, we may be able to understand and fix

boolean field flips after schema update (in class) of another field

that fixed that issue. support Support I think the schema may changed 2-5 times during the last ... - this is something which should never happen for a database. We don't really know if it is fixed in 2.8.4, as we cannot reproduce in ... this is the rare issue related to schema evolution that was fixed in version 2.8.4. support Support

Remove of an entry from a @OneToMany collection is not possible if the enhancer is disabled

class MyEntity {         int x;     } } Build 2.6.0_04 includes a fix of this issue. support Support Hello, I have tried version 2.6.0_04. The problem with the @OneToMany collection is still not fixed. wua Andreas Wurm You are right, sorry. Somehow the fix has not been integrated into that build. Please try build 2.6.1. support Support

Internal exception on flush

than other applications that use ObjectDB. Probably ObjectDB has still some multithreading issues that require fixes. Any ... ). support Support The stack trace at #2 reflects a bug that was reproduced and fixed using the test in issue #625. It is possible that this bug caused also the exception at #1 so this issue will be marked as fixed. support Support

Unable to stop server after starting in SSL mode

option. Thanks. RockyMountainMan Brett Banks Thank you for this report. Build 2.6.6_01 fixes ... to the server. support Support Bug fix fully validated. Thanks for the quick fix. RockyMountainMan Brett Banks

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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