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on the EntityManager instance and any Query and TypedQuery objects obtained from it will throw ... manager is container-managed Since: JPA 1.0 boolean contains(Object entity) Check if the instance ... object Returns: the new query instance Throws: IllegalArgumentException - if the criteria query


ObjectDB Software develops, markets and supports the ObjectDB Object-Oriented Database Management ... persistence solution for Java, based on the Java Persistence API (JPA) and the Java Data Objects (JDO) standards, since ObjectDB is the first object oriented database with built in support of JPA and JDO

Chapter 1 - Quick Tour

that contains points in the plane. Each point is represented by an object with two int fields, x and y ... , retrieving, updating and deleting Point objects. To run the sample program of this chapter in ... on how to start using JPA in your IDE with the ObjectDB object database. Given the simplicity of ObjectDB, that should be quick and easy even for a novice.

Step 2: Entity Class and Persistence Unit

To store objects in an ObjectDB database using JPA we need to define an entity class: Right click ... that should represent Guest objects in the database was created in the project (under Java Resources ... . The next step is adding a Spring DAO Component class that will manage Guest entity objects.

Step 2: Entity Class and Persistence Unit

To store objects in an ObjectDB database using JPA we need to define an entity class: Open the [New ... fill the fields with arbitrary values to enable it. A new entity class that should represent Guest objects ... provider with the specified database url. The next step is adding an EJB Session Bean that will manage Guest entity objects.

Step 4: Add a Controller Class

entity object is constructed and stored in the database. Processing is forwarded to a JSP page ... component to display the existing Guest objects. The returned ModelAndView object defines a target JSP

Step 3: Define a Spring DAO Component

Operations on the database will be performed by an instance of a Data Access Object (DAO ... - for storing a new Guest entity object in the database. getAllGuests - for retrieving all the existing Guest objects from the database. By using Spring components we can move some work from


to get results. The signature of the execute methods specifies that they return an Object ... The string constant used as the first argument to PersistenceManager.newQuery(String,Object ... as the first argument to PersistenceManager.newQuery(String,Object) to identify that the created


javax.jdo Class JDOHelper java.lang.Object javax.jdo.JDOHelper Implemented Interfaces ... : the thread-safe singleton JDOHelper Since: JDO 2.1 Object getObjectId(Object pc) Return a copy ... See Also: PersistenceManager.getObjectId(Object pc) PersistenceCapable.jdoGetObjectId() PersistenceManager

ObjectDB 1.0 Manual

applications using ObjectDB and JDO (Java Data Objects), the revolutionary database programming ... and transactions in JDO. Chapter 6 - Persistent Objects Shows how to store, retrieve, update and delete database objects. Chapter 7 - JDOQL Queries Describes JDOQL, the JDO Query Language. The last

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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