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Memory Leak in EntityManagerFactory ?

memory issues that I don't understand. 1. the server is running in embedded mode 2. the static EntityManagerFactory (m_manager_factory in the example) is opened via in the Profiler) 4. nevertheless there are lots of identical Copies of Entities in

Object DB vs EclipseLink/TopLink: Unloaded relationships in detached entities

) were expected. As explained to me by ObjectDB support, while the entities in a result set list ... ), they become detached once the EntityManager under control of the container, and then in ObjectDB (but not in EclipseLink) lazy loading fails. The 3 possible solutions in the ObjectDB case seem to be:

in-memory and on-disk support?

answer. I'm looking at replacing a setup of H2 where I have 40GB in-memory backed by 800GB on-disk, the 40GB in memory represents the first 40GB of the 800GB on-disk for super-fast recent entry searching, the records at the end continuously purge as the new ones come in(duplicate write

Corrupted Database or error in ObjectDBExplorer?

of the explorer or a real problem in the Database-File? An analysis with the DB-Doctor found ... entity)   If we execute queries in the explorer we observed the following ... >   any ideas? btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems The data in

What role is the JDO in ObjectDB?

Mike Keith believe the JDO is out of date. Then what role of JDO in ObjectDB? Will our codes with JDO be out of date? Due in part to some ... language that was decidedly object-oriented in nature, which did not sit well with relational database

Configuration and Activation Code in ObjectDB 2.x

the License key for activating the odbee.jar file and got the activation code.It is mentioned in the side that i need to use the activation code using <activation> tag in the objectdb.conf file. In 1.x objectDB, we are not using any objectDB.conf file, we are just using setProperty method

javax.persistence.PersistenceException: No Persistence provider for EntityManager named in Karaf 4.0.7 and OSGi DS test

in Apache Karaf 4.0.7 to persist an entity into an ObjectDB database. I'm working in C/S ... ;password=admin exception in the Karaf log. I have deployed the objectdb.jar file that I fixed in order to make it a valid OSGi bundle. I have attached: 1

Schema-Update: Deactivation of automatic entity class removing and introduction of a new class remove in the schema config

Hello, in our application we use ObjectDB in embedded mode as ... application with a domain-driven design. The product can be installed in different configurations (in ... to this product. Because we will prevent a data loss of entites which are not found in the class path

Tracking changes to new collections (in enhancement mode) after flush

Hello, We have an issue with a list as a value in a hashmap. in between. Once the transaction is committed, the issue is that the last element in the list is not persisted and cannot be retrieved

boolean field flips after schema update (in class) of another field

on several instances the values of other boolean fields in the same class (next to the new ... of name or anything) and values in the database changed. We did not have this in our testing and stating environment, but now in field. Object DB version was upgraded maybe two times in the last months