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RT Java application recording into 100DB run OOM after a few hours.

Hi, I am running a java application that records data from 100 feeds into 100 different database - this is done is one thread. It works fine several hours - and suddenly i got an out of memory issue (I checked there is no leak in java - I cleared the entity

Date and Time in JPQL and Criteria Queries

>DAY, HOUR, MINUTE and SECOND. For example ... ({d '2011-12-31'}) is evaluated to 31. HOUR({t '23:59:00 ... /Expression">Expression<Integer> hour = cb.

Grouping by date()

> HOUR({t '23:59:00'}) is evaluated to 23. MINUTE({t '23:59:00'}) is evaluated to 59. SECOND ... part (hour, minute, second, millisecond) as a Date instance. Please try ... Walkowski You are right, Calendar.HOUR was used in resetting

ObjectDB is opening too many sockets

(set to 55 assuming the default pool 50 on client), and our app crashed after few hours with  ... :[332185643]> Next occurence couple hours later. hours without connecting to it, and it is also doing the same thing.

TemporalType injection with Calendar using JPA


Occasionally slow requests in load testing

file is resized approximately every hour. Each time at the same time we see these slow response ... DB size, to avoid resizing. The initial size was set to 4.5GB. It was running great for 6 hours ... we are observing - running fine for 6 hours and then slowing down. It is of course

query on calendar class

'}", Cdr.class); Query query=em.createQuery("SELECT c FROM Cdr c where HOUR({ts c.start}) >= 23", Cdr.class); Query query=em.createQuery("SELECT c FROM Cdr c where HOUR({t c.start}) >= 23 ... functions. I should use HOUR(c.start) instead of HOUR({t c.start}).Correct query look like (it resolve

Date field Index is corrupted due to time change

this is significant as this is exactly the time when Madrid changed clocks one hour back and moved from CEST ... >   It will be beneficial to us to know if time change, in particular back one hour ... change the system time zone to B (we used Australia/Brisbane which is 1 hour back from Australia

stress test -> com.objectdb.o.InternalException: null

is relatively low, the errors start to appear after some minutes or half an hour, or even an hour ... of 512 MB, in around 240 min (4 hours). Both cases were tested with 9 API requests / millisecond from ... of the 20 minutes experiment in jVisualVM, but I took for the 4 hours one: It's split in part 1

ObjectDB 2.3.6

of non ASCII string indexes. Fixed the new query HOUR function to return hours as 0 to 23 (using 24-hour clock). Fixed a regression bug in the default fetch policy.