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NullPointerException in ENH.g(

with the following stacktrace: Exception in thread "main" java.lang ... . We use objectdb in embedded mode and this error seems to happen after a few ungraceful shutdowns of the database (e.g. quit the process without proper shutdown). Thanks in advance

Query to search for common elements in two separate collections.

> Is something like this possible in the JPA spec? bensteele Ben Steele A possible efficient way ... . The hash code of every stored collection should be stored in an indexed field, possibly in ... that is also present in another collection. Right now I just do this by iteration

In memory processing for ObjectDB

and the performance benchmarks, but to take it to next level really we wanted to check whether is there any In memory ... us here. Additionally the only cache I see in settings is query cache, is it only that query result sets are cached or I can actually have a all of my Objects in Cache ? We can run

Is it ok to put list or map of embeddable objects in entity ?

Hi, Is it ok to put list or map of embeddable objects in entity? I mean ... > where Class_B and Class_C are annotated as @Embeddable ? In the examples, there is only situation where there is one single instance of embeddable class in entity. And what happens if I do operation

Reading 1.x odb files in ObjectDB 2.x without upgrading

Hi, We have a problem in the backward compatibilty in our software as once we have migrated object db odb file from version 1.x to 2.x, user is unable to open the odb files in ... files from 1.x in object db 2.x without upgrading it ? Or user can see the content in read only mode

"where in" query

Is it possible to run a query selecting values that exist in a provided list? e.g. something like: SELECT u FROM User m WHERE u.username IN ('test_user ... a named parameter but without any joy (error below). The only similar examples I can find in the docs

Activation license not picked up in Jenkins

>We have tests that pass with on a machine when run from the command line or in a docker container.The activation licence is in the file: /var/jenkins_home/workspace ... >For some reason, Jenkins (which runs as docker-in-docker) is not recognizing the activation license.

JPA inheritance issue with ObjectDB - Field not found in type error

'retired' is not found in type '' Thanks in advance! This is the method in abstract facade. public

Configure ObjectDB in spring context

> My goal is to configure entire ObjectDB (optionally objectdb.conf too) in springs context ... me on this? vachagan Vachagan You can see how to use ObjectDB with Spring Framework in ... creating persistance.xml file. My previous database.xml (which is included in application

Bug when using SIZE in combination with date lower parameter

ObjectDB 2.7.2_05 on Windows 10 but the bug also exists in older versions. Thanks in advancein the database? support ... > Thanks in advance Markus doppelrittberger Markus Ritter > yes, I