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Running doctor.jar with entity classes in classhpath

.objectdb.Doctor with model.jar (my entity classes in it) in classpath but it doesn't work (new entities still dont show up in explorer). Could it be possible to add that kind of feature in next relase ... class in the classpath:     java -cp

ObectDb 2.3.6 in OSGi environment

start in plugin evironement i get an PersistenceException, because my POJO not found. If try the same test in normal Java environment everthing works fine. Can you please advice? Thx in following way with a JUnit Plugin test:

Improvement in replication

Hi, I was thinking about some improvement in replication mechanism ... , profile modifications. So in current implementation when master node dies, there is only a chance ... and it should be considered in future versions. support Support The case you are talking

@Entity saved in Tomcat session - problem

> object in Tomcat session. When starting or stopping Tomcat, I get nasty exception - please check ... ="code">@Entity class as normal POJO and use it to store in session. The problem is, that we need the same logic for temporary users (without storing in DB) and permanent users (stored in database

Wrong data stored in date only fileds

> private Date startDateTime; // Time stamp: start of recording in ... on the 25/10/2015 Madrid time (when clock goes back 1 hour at 3am), Object DB puts wrong data in ... be reproduced. Here are the values used to set the fields before adding the objects (in

objectdb explorer in ver 2.2 and 1.0

Hi   In first step  I have evaluated JPA API now I'm testing JDO API and I'have spotted that object explorer has lower functionality than in ver 2.2 eg garbarage collector ... are not implemented yet in ObjectDB 2.2. This is because ObjectDB 2 was written

Query performance in general

that affect some of our customers. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to reproduce issues in a test case ... has 'a lot' of member fields)? Order in WHERE clause of a query: so far we are not optimizing the order of conditions in the where clauses of our queries. Would it make sense

using objectdb.jar in writing data to mariadb or mysql db

queries in native java and reduce the use of regular sql patterns. Can my application use the objectdb.jar to write to mariadb or mysql using native java JPA API and in some cases JPQL or must i store ... object database file created. How reliable in a production environment is this? Can objectdb handle

NPE in server mode

See stack trace below. Unfortunately I just uncovered this in a log check so I dont ... > Full log is attached. NB: This occured in version 2-2-9_07 (as this is what we currently use in prod) so may be resolved in the latest version anyway. felixobjectdb Richard Szurgot

Internal exception: NPE on criteria query with IN clause and empty collection

Hello ObjectDB team, I receive following exception in my application: IN expression: in(templateKeys)); //templateKeys is empty by