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Cannot sort descending, when ordering by caluculated float in a method

Hi, I have found an issue in ordering by a method. I have two entities : Invoice ... > anaq x EDIT: I have found out, that ordering doesn't work in this case ... anaq x OK. It seems that mapped by (inverse) fields are unavailable to methods in

java.lang.ClassCastException in OSGi runtime when loading data from DB

Hello, I'm trying to use ObjectDB in an OSGi environment (Karaf 4.0.7 ... the DB. In a very old (2011?) forum entry this problem was already discussed ... > The entity obviously has to get loaded by all bundles in order to manipulate the data.

The server cannot start in CentOS

> If you want to start it in the background, try: java -cp objectdb.jar com ... ="code">ip attribute in the configuration. The exception that you got might indicate ... do remove the ip setting in server's objectdb.conf, but when I run the jpab.jar, it turns out use

Bulk update of embedded entities in linked list

Hi, I'm trying to do a bulk update of a column in an embedded entity, but I ... and column name of the child entity. The column in the parent entity represents a linked ... ;           .executeUpdate();   The dot before "Column1" in

Multi selection and distinct in a criteria query

> There are some in_criteria_queries">relevant examples in ... ;) What I was trying to say.. how can I restrict the DISTINCT to the first selection element in my tuple ... Adam I am afraid it is not supported neither in JPQL nor in criteria queries.

Online Backup in client-server mode

and consumes twice storage space. Can it be improved? In my opinion the server proces ... Tomas Hamal Actually in client-server mode you have two options for online backup: in the ObjectDB manual. Indeed we've had the File as the parameter

Password in Embedded Mode?

Is there a way to setup a database file that will be accessed in embedded mode ... the contents of the file without providing the correct password when obtaining a connection.  In my case, I'm interested in obtaining a JPA connection: Map<String

NullPointerException in __odbGetNumMember

> Trying to delete another one (in a separate transaction) always causes a NullPointer Exception in __odbGetNumMember line 1 of the enhanced Mitglied class. I am unable to replicate it in a simple testcase but it always happens in our implementation. I am posting the stack trace in

Better support for ObjectDB in Eclipse Plugins

ObjectDB can be used in Eclipse plugin, but currently it has to be embedded in the plugin and cannot be used from other plugins in which it is not embedded. More details can be found in the following forum threads: ObjectDB eclipse plugin

Exception in thread "ODB-StoreHandler-5094" java.lang.NullPointerException

and we would like to ensure that no corruption is occurring in our data.  At the very least, it does ... up in the ODB log, and why they are bubbling up out of ObjectDb's code to the service wrapper? What is the exact version/build number of ObjectDB that you use in production? support Support