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Storing JPA Entity Objects

New entity objects can be stored in the database either explicitly by invoking ... > The following code stores an instance of the Employee entity class in ... its state to Managed. The new entity object is stored in the database when the transaction is committed.

How to store and compare Date up to sec.

How to store and compare date up to sec? By default it stores the dates like "23 May, 2020 10:25:23:112 AM" means date and timestamp including milisec but  I want to store till sec("23 May, 2020 10:25:23 AM") like MySql and other db. They stores the date up to sec

Why are my Map entries not stored?

Why are my values of the map "states" not stored in the database? It seems the 'State' is stored, but not the 'Authority'? @Entity public class ... ; 'Authority' (value) is stored (I see entries in the Explorer), but there seems to miss the connection

JPA Entity Fields

are fields that do not participate in persistence and their values are never stored in the database ... (non persistent) entity fields with no real content to be stored in the database. annotation). Storing an entity object in the database does not store methods or code

JPA Persistable Types

for storing data in the database. ObjectDB supports all the JPA persistable types, which are: Only instances of entity classes can be stored in the database directly. Other persistable types ... , only instances of entity classes preserve identity and are stored only once even if they are referenced multiple


Static Field javax.jdo.listener.InstanceLifecycleEventint STORE

[ODB1] Chapter 6 - Persistent Objects

>Storing Objects Explicitly When a new object is constructed by the newstored in the database when the transaction is committed ... >makePersistentAll(...) method stores all the elements in the specified collection or

[ODB1] Chapter 2 - A Quick Tour

of strings in the database. Each time the program is run another string is stored in the database ... and store a new list: 24 list = new ArrayList(); 25 Utilities.bind(pm, list ... String instances. ObjectDB, as a pure object database, can simply store a memory data

[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

Persistent Classes are user defined classes whose instances can be stored in a database ... >Storing a persistent object in the database does not store methods and code. Only the state of the object as reflected by its persistent fields is stored. Persistent fields, by default

[ODB1] Chapter 4 - JDO Metadata

> is stored, only persistent fields from classes B and C are stored ... because its value is never stored in the database. The main difference is that, on transaction rollback ... the content of the referred object should be stored as part of the referring object, as an embedded