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SELECT clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

/EntityManager/createQuery_String_Class_">createQuery("SELECT c FROM Country c", Country.class ... expression in SELECT clauses. Specifying the required query results more precisely can improve ... must always be specified explicitly - JPQL does not support the "SELECT *" expression

Criteria Query Selection and Results

The JPA Criteria API interfaces in this group are used for setting the SELECT and ORDER BY clauses and for representing query results as tuples. SELECT Clause Elements The content of the SELECT clause in a criteria query is represented by Selection:


; select(  Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection<?> selection) selection(s), if any. Note: Applications using the string-based API may need to specify


.criteriaInterface Selection<X> The Selection interface ... "> Learn how to use JPA Criteria API's Selection in select


; multiselect(  Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection... selections) Specify the selection items that are to be returned in the query result. Replaces


Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">javax.persistence.criteria.SelectionList<Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection<?>>


>  Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection... selections) Create a tuple-valued selection item. Parameters


;Object[]> array(  Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection... selections) Create an array-valued selection item.

construct(resultClass, selections)

/java/jpa/criteria/Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection[]<X> selections) Create a selection item ... whose instance is to be constructed selections - arguments

construct(resultClass, selections)

/java/jpa/criteria/Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection... selections) Create a selection item ... is to be constructed selections - arguments