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">SingularAttribute<?,Y> getVersion(  Class<Y> type) type - the type of the represented version attribute ... > IllegalArgumentException - if version attribute of the given type is not

getParameter(position, type)

<T> type) Get the parameter object corresponding to the declared positional parameter with the given position and type. This method ... > type - type

get(i, type)

type) Get the value of the element ... tuple type - type of the tuple element type


Type_PersistenceType" title="Enum in javax.persistence.metamodel.Type">javax.persistence.metamodel.Type.PersistenceTypeBASIC Basic type Since: JPA 2.0


Type" title="Interface in javax.persistence.metamodel">javax.persistence.metamodel.TypeClass<X> getJavaType() Return the represented Java type.


(  Class<U> type) Create ... > type - the subquery result type

get(alias, type)

;X> type) Get the value of the tuple ... element type - of the tuple element type


Enum Constant Type_PersistenceType" title="Enum in javax.persistence.metamodel.Type">javax.persistence.metamodel.Type.PersistenceType

InstanceLifecycleEvent(source, type)

>InstanceLifecycleEvent(  Object source,   int type) and type . Parameters ... type - the event type

InstanceLifecycleEvent(source, type, target)

>InstanceLifecycleEvent(  Object source,   int type,   Object  ... with the specified source , type , and targetsource - the instance that triggered the event type