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ObjectDB 2.9 Developer's Guide

Welcome to ObjectDB for Java/JPA Developer's Guide. Here you can learn how to develop database applications using ObjectDB and JPA (Java Persistence API). The main purpose of this guide is to make you productive with ObjectDB and JPA in a short time.

ObjectDB - Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

> ObjectDB is extremely fast and much faster than any other JPA solution. Using ... , and even add their own overhead. ObjectDB supports direct storage of graphs of objects ... . Improve productivity. ObjectDB is the most productive

Is ObjectDB better than competing object databases?

databases: ObjectDB is unique in supporting the standard APIs ... , tools, books, tutorials and sample code. ObjectDB is also unique in supporting ... . ObjectDB supports user defined primary keys including

What are the main benefits of using ObjectDB?

By using ObjectDB you can reduce development time and costs and improve ... ;"> ObjectDB makes database ... >ObjectDB is especially designed to store and manage graphs of objects efficiently. That can accelerate

How to install ObjectDB?

ObjectDB is distributed as a zip file. Just download and extract the ObjectDB distribution zip file. No need to run any install or setup program. You can uninstall ObjectDB by deleting the ObjectDB directory. ObjectDB does not modify the registry or any other system file.

ObjectDB Overview

The ObjectDB Object Database ObjectDB is a powerful Object-Oriented Database Management System (ODBMS). It is compact, reliable, easy to use and extremely fast. ObjectDB ... .   ObjectDB Database Key Features 100% pure Java

Where can I learn how to use ObjectDB?

The best source for learning ObjectDB is the ObjectDB Manual, which contains all the necessary information for using ObjectDB. The only required background is a good understanding of the Java language. Reading the manual and getting started with ObjectDB

Is ObjectDB a NoSQL Database?

ObjectDB is a unique NoSQL database. It doesn't have the known disadvantages ... , consistency, isolation, durability). Unlike other NoSQL solutions, ObjectDB provides full support ... addition, unlike most other NoSQL databases, ObjectDB supports full ACID (atomicity, consistency

Is ObjectDB scalable? What are its limitations?

ObjectDB is highly scalable and can manage efficiently databases in a wide range of sizes, from a few Kilobytes to hundreds of Gigabytes and even Terabytes. ObjectDB can be used in small ... . ObjectDB supports: Database file size up to 128 TB (= 131,072 GB

Step 3: Create an ObjectDB Data Source

> To create an ObjectDB data source: Open the [New Data Source] dialog box by right ... ;New Data Source. Select ObjectDB Data Source from the list of available data source types. Enter data source name (e.g. ObjectDB