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enhanced object .. NOT enhanced

a class but when I tried to persitst it I got an error that this class has not been ehanced not been ehanced Please provide ... a standard serialization mechanizm is triggered. Using serialization is not the result

Activation license not picked up in Jenkins

Hi, trying to understand why the activation license is not being picked up. For some reason, Jenkins (which runs as docker-in-docker) is not recognizing the activation license. (Given that any machine might have several, it's not clear

Metamodel Attribute NOT EQUALS to same Attribute in a different EntityManager

Attribute from Metamodel initialized on @PostConstruct event IS NOT EQUALS of the same ... event. I am testing one application over Spring Web MVC and I can not post one Simple Test ... . One of these is on a @PostConstruct event and the other on a @Controller @RequestMapping event, they return not

Level 2 cache not hit in @ManyToOne

, it hits the cache, but not for its field "user". "user" is loaded each time from the DB (tested by ... rather than full objects in query results in the query execution round trip. However, in that case, if not

To open source, or not to open source

very slow and major bugfixes are not been backported to stable releases, but only put into bleeding edge branches.   Therefore we do the bugfix backporting ourself. This would not

embedded objects marked final not persisted.

Discovered that embedded objects marked final are not persisted. I'm not exactly sure why that should the case. Is this a bug?     dmoshal David Moshal Final fields are treated as transient regardless

Using Enum type in NamedQuery: Field is not found in type

: Field 'Type' is not found in type '' I have noticed that my entities seem not to be getting picked up as entities until they are first persisted - Hibernate

composite index not used in query

and a.startDate > ?1)) the composite index is not used, query plan:  not make any difference) ? hgzwicker Hans-Georg Zwicker Please try

Method not found on...

' is not found in type 'Language' Ieodaq Daniele Lotti I found out this error too: Method 'containsAll' is not found in type 'java.util.List' if I call something like

Cascade.ALL with LAZY fetchtype does not clean up all references on remove

all leaf nodes will not be deleted. This only applies to the leaf nodes. If I add an additional the behaviour changes so that these new leafes will not be deleted. I created a small test case