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Online Backup

also online backup, for backing up an ObjectDB database while it is in use. This is useful in ... Backup The online backup can be started by executing a special query on an EntityManager (em) that represents the connection (local or remote) to the database:     em.createQuery("objectdb backup

Database Transaction Replayer

can apply recorded database operations on a matching database backup (if available). This ability ... the recorded operations. It enables reproducing problems during debugging by repeating a failure. Backup ... contains two types of files: Backup files - with names of the form .odb Recording

Database Replication and Clustering

Replication enables maintaining up to date version of an ObjectDB database on multiple nodes.

ObjectDB Object Database Features

availability and fault tolerance. Online Backup Online backup by a simple query on an EntityManager/PersistenceManager. Supports automatic download of created backups from the server to the client. Database

Online Backup degrades responsiveness.

days: try { CoreService.getLogger(this).info("DB Backup Start..."); TypedQuery backupQuery =                 em.createQuery("objectdb backup", Thread.class ... (); CoreService.getLogger(this).info("DBService Backup DONE!"); } finally

Failed to read DB file while online backup is running

) failed with an exception during an online backup of the same DB file was running and was close ... ) and it is not related anymore to running of online backups. Maybe some new bug was added to the code ... .objectdb.jdo.JdoQuery.execute(JdoQuery.java:748)     Build 2.6.2_05 changed only online backup code

user defined backup target

Dear objectdb Team 1. I could not find a way, to declare the name of the backup-file (while running ... the database - file: Query backupQuery = em.createQuery("objectdb backup"); backupQuery.setParameter("target", new java.io.File("c:\\backup")); backupQuery.getSingleResult(); The code above, for instance

Incremental online backup

Hello, Are there plans for ObjectDB to handle incremental online backups, where a backup does not create a whole new copy of the DB, but "updates" an existing backup? This behavior would make backups ... to perform backups more often, several times a day, in order to always have a backup that's closer

user defined backup file

We need a way to do a (online) backup to a user defined backup-destination. Maybe in that way: backupQuery.setParameter("targetfile", new java.io.File("/User/Backup/test.objectdb")); which should create a backupfile with the name 'test.objectdb" in the directory '/User/Backup/' or backupQuery

Online backup problem

Hi, We are trying to create a servlet that performs database online backup. Unfortunately, even though no exception is thrown, backup files aren't created. When I turn on DEBUG logging in ODB, I ... searching process) and it doesn't seem to be related to the online backup. Please post the code